Government House

The King's Colours flag, flying over the Governor's quarters

The King's Colours

If Charles Vane, Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Anne Bonny and the other notorious pirates of the Flying Gang that have established their stronghold in the gritty Bahamian hamlet of Nassau, think that they are in control, they could be in for a rude awakening!

An impressive flotilla dispatched by King George has just arrived on the island.

Lead by the unrelenting and cunning ex-privateer, now assigned governor, Woodes Rodgers, and Commodore Peter Chamberlaine, the Royal Navy is in town! Their mission? To bring an end to the dominance of the republic of pirates brazenly terrorizing international trade and thwarting the authority of the crown.

While working hard to subdue the pirates, Government House is also seeking to return grace and civility to the island of New Providence. The governor and his entourage bring a touch of 18th century elegance to the pirate infested streets of Nassau.

Bring your young pirates to visit Government House at the Northern California Pirate Festival and allow Governor Woodes Rogers to personally grant them their own King's Pardon.

At Government House you will meet:

  • Members of Governor Rogers’ household and entourage
  • The British Regulars (Redcoats)
  • Prominent members of the 130 recently arrived English, German and Huguenot colonists
  • Officers of the Royal Navy vessels and officers of the commercial ships in the governor’s flotilla
  • Local wealthy merchants, traders and plantation owners (who formally have quietly supplied the pirates and helped sell and distribute their ill-gotten gains, but who now wish to be on the good side of the presumed new power structure)

The Redcoats