The Governor's Mission

The location

Early summer 1718, in the raucous Bahaman town of Nassau on the island of New Providence, a pirate stronghold. Former privateer, circumnavigator of the globe, popular author, and now recently appointed "Captain General and Governor in Chief" of the British colony of the Bahamas (by His Majesty King George I), Captain Woodes Rogers has recently arrived.

Fort Nassau, first built in 1697

His mission

To end the 50 year reign of the “infamous rascals" brazenly terrorizing international trade and acting with impunity in this “Republic of Pirates.”

His tools

Seven ships, 100 soldiers, 130 colonists, three Royal Navy vessels, and the “Kings Pardon.” Any pirate who accepts the Pardon shall be forgiven of all offences and be welcomed back into the community of God fearing, law abiding servants of the crown. Those who do not, shall be hunted down and face the gallows.

Until September 5th, however, (the deadline set by the king) Rogers will play the role of negotiator, preferring to reason with the pirates, rather than confront them. An uneasy peace exists on the streets of Nassau, while the pirates and the townspeople consider their options.