The King's Pardon

The governor's offer

By mandate of King George, all pirates willing to surrender to the governor, accept the king's pardon and give up their robberies on the high seas, will be forgiven for their crimes. Those that do not, will be hunted down, clapped in irons, and face the hangman's noose.

Witness the surrender of Benjamin Hornigold and the reading of the King's Pardon by the governor each morning at Government House camp.

Read the full text of the actual King's Pardon

Come surrender to the governor and accept the pardon

All young pirates who would like to abandon their evil piratical ways (wisely escaping the hangman’s noose) and set sail on the course of righteousness, are encouraged to visit the governor in his temporary quarters, and accept the king’s most gracious pardon.

You will be asked to take quill in hand and make your mark upon an official document, signed also, in your presence, by Governor Rogers himself!

A few most worthy young sailors might even be fortunate enough to receive a midshipman’s commission to the Royal Navy!