The Royal Navy

On 22 April, 1718, a contingent of 550 soldiers and sailors set sail from London, under the general command of Commodore Peter Chamberlaine. Three months later on 27 July, they landed at Nassau, New Providence Island. The fleet included three Royal Navy warships: Chamberlaine’s flagship, fifth-rate frigate HMS Milford; sixth-rate frigate HMS Rose, commanded by Captain Thomas Whitey; and sloop-of-war HMS Shark.

They are tasked with assisting the new governor, Woodes Rogers, in his mission to expel pirates from Nassau and restore law and order to the high seas.

To this end they:

  • Escort the governor on parade to greet the “welcoming” citizens of Nassau
  • Fly the King's Colours at the Governor's quarters
  • Engage in ship to shore combat with marauding pirate sloops
  • Seek out and arrest pirate hold-outs
  • Roam the streets in friendly press gangs to “encourage” local out-of-work sailors to replenish their dwindling ranks
  • Avail themselves of the local recreational amenities
Pirate Anne Bonny captured by the Royal Navy

The famous female pirate, Anne Bonny, captured by the Royal Navy and on trial